EU H2020 SMARTBUILT4EU - The EU Smart Building Innovation Platform

  • Project duration: September 2020 - March 2023
  • Project status:
  • Funding:
    Societal Challenge (Horizon 2020 /EU funding /Project)
  • Total project budget: €1,495,250.00

The building sector is one of the key enablers to achieve low carbon economy goals for 2050. To deliver this potential, buildings need to transform from passive isolated elements to smart buildings, able to adapt to  occupants needs and act as active nodes well integrated to the energy grids and other infrastructures. The 2018 revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) promotes the use of ICT and smart technology in buildings to streamline the existing rules. Smart technologies indeed play an essential role and can also trigger new business opportunities. However the market uptake and wide-scale roll-out of these solutions is slow due to challenges like engaging building occupants, connecting and managing various devices and systems, achieving optimal building operation, integrating buildings to energy markets, as well as the high fragmentation of the ecosystem. These challenges are common to projects related to the smart building topic and would be most efficiently addressed by breaking silos, sharing information and bridging the gaps between innovation, markets and policy. SmartBuilt4EU will consolidate the Smart Building Innovation Community with, at its core, EU-funded projects, and provide it with a package of supporting activities with two objectives:  - facilitate the exchange of information between EU-funded projects and national initiatives in the field of smart buildings and the related business, policy and media; - coordinate contributions of the Smart Buildings Innovation Community to the SRI promotion, experimentation and implementation and the identification of R&I priorities to accelerate the roll out of smart building innovation, in line with the EPBD. The CSA brings together 5 partners plus 5 linked third parties, with solid complementary expertise and geographical coverage. It is structured in 6 work packages to reach the targeted impacts and unlock the smart building potential, with the Smart Readiness Indicator as key instrument.

The project is organised around 6 work packages (WPs), each of them with a clear focus in terms of activities, contribution to the overall project objectives and more globally to European objectives. The work packages and the objectives described above are linked as follows:

WP1 is dedicated to mapping the community and consolidating it through a platform. WP2 will then provide supporting activities to the SBIC in order to foster the exchange of knowledge through well-defined silo-breaking workflow. WP3 will support the promotion, experimentation and roll-out of the SRI in the EU by demonstrating its market potential to stakeholders (as a way to increase the clarity of the marketplace). WP4 will build upon the outcomes of WP2 and WP3 to deliver a Strategic Research & Innovation Roadmap, together with policy recommendations, investigating the needs for support to R&I and market uptake. As a Coordination and Support Action, communication and dissemination are key: WP5 is dedicated to these activities. Professional dissemination actions comprising state-of-the-art communication channels and tools including innovative ones like social media ensure awareness and information flow from SmartBuilt4EU to the SBIC and back, in strong cooperation with WP2. Special attention will be paid to presenting the lessons from the project to policy makers. WP5 also includes the exploitation of project results, in particular the continuation of the community and SBIC platform after the end of the project. WP6 ensures a smooth project coordination and management of tasks.

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Federico Garzía

Project managerT 836 550 1740 93+ude.carue@aizrag.ociredef

Roberto Lollini

Vice project managerT 056 550 1740 93+ude.carue@inillol.otrebor

Cristiana Losso

Project assistantT 806 550 1740 93+ude.carue@ossol.anaitsirc


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