AT FFG VITALITY DISTRICT Optimised energy concepts for the early design of districts

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  • Total project budget: €594,669.00
  • Institute: Institute for Renewable Energy

System as early as the design phase of building clusters and districts, coordinated with consumption profiles, building topology and solutions for energy communities and storage.

✓ Through an integral system planning at the district level, energy peaks can be reduced and surpluses can be buffered in urban energy storage systems. In addition, buildings demand in the district can be optimally coordinated and covered, and cooling effects can be achieved.

✓ VITALITY District provides tools and methods for the early planning phase of districts in the area of ​​distributed energy generation, distributed storage and interaction between buildings and storage. This would also anticipate the European Green Deal Directive and contribute to its implementation.

✓ To work out and evaluate parameters for the development of rough energy concepts at the neighborhood level (e.g. share of renewable energies, energy efficiency, room comfort, best placement of PV modules and the size of the storage system in order to increase self-consumption at the neighborhood level, etc.)

Application of a PV optimization tool to guide the architectural concept of a district in the early planning phase
Adami J, Dallapiccola M, Reinberg GW, Turrini M, Moser D (2022)
Conference proceedings article

Conference: 17th Advanced Building Skins Conference & Expo | Bern | 20.10.2022 - 21.10.2022

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