18 April 23

Adaptive Housing

Solutions for Adaptive and Resilient Low-Energy Housing under Climate Change Scenarios

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How will low-energy homes perform under the context of future climate scenarios? What are the risks for occupants? and what are the solutions necessary today to avoid future overheating?

The project “ADAPTIVE HOUSING: Solutions for Adaptive and Resilient Low-Energy Housing under Climate Change Scenarios” aims to improve the design of low-energy housing to cope with the predicted increase in temperature, to avoid overheating in modern residential buildings.

ADAPTIVE HOUSING will develop a knowledge map integrating emerging literature on adaptive occupant behaviour and interaction between occupants and building systems with emerging knowledge on climate change's impact on buildings. This will create the framework to perform building simulations to test future performance on a case study in Bolzano.

This project will improve designers' ability to tackle requirements of energy efficiency while securing healthy and comfortable homes, both in the present climate and in future climate change. By so, this project acts as a specific contribution towards the integration of the principle of climate resilience of buildings into the implementation of EU Green Deal initiatives such as the New European Bauhaus and the Climate Adaptation Strategy and to the overall just transition towards carbon neutrality.

This fellowship is financed by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano-Bozen through the Seal of Excellence funding scheme (Decree 13190/2022).

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