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18 December 23

Operation & maintenance of PV systems: new scientific publication

Eurac Research publishes a new scientific paper on the estimation of automated fixing costs of Photovoltaic System Failures

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The focus on sustainable photovoltaic systems (PV) and the continuous growth in deployment of PV has led to challenges in operation and maintenance (O&M). Automation becomes essential to minimize downtime and ensure efficient operation. A shift from manual fault detection and solution toward smart andautomated alternatives is required to keep downtime due to faults at a minimumwhile ensuring that PV systems can operate safely and efficiently.

"This study enhances a decision support system by automating solution selection for events appearing in the field. The TRUST PV Solution Matrix, developed within the EU H2020 project TRUST-PV, standardizes solutions for all failures" says Sandra Gallmetzer, first author of the study.

In combination with the TRUST PV Risk Matrix published last year and available for download here, Eurac Research introduces a standardized categorization framework for O&M tickets. Based on that, more than 250,000 tickets have been statistically evaluated and the economic impact of these failures is determined through the Cost Priority Number methodology.

Read the full article here.

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