20 February 23

The weight of process cooling in the EU market

New scientific paper investigates the final energy consumption for process cooling of the EU in the year 2016

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The new scientific paper "Process Cooling Market in Europe: Assessment of the Final Energy Consumption for the Year 2016" published for Journal MDPI Sustainability Volume 15 issue nr. 4, aims to raise awareness of the process cooling sector by supporting the European Union policies toward a more sustainable and decarbonized industry in the upcoming decades.

"Goal of the work was to explore one of Europe’s most unexplored energy fields: process cooling (PC). The work assessed the final energy consumption (FEC) for PC of the European Union (and United Kingdom) country-by country. An extensive literature review of datasets and journal papers was performed to address knowledge gaps by creating a high-quality dataset with factual accuracy, reliability, and completeness. The investigation was carried out within the project ENER/C1/2018-493 Renewable cooling under the revised Renewable Energy Directive" says Simon Pezzutto, researcher at Eurac Research and 1st author of the paper.

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