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Smart Cities

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Electric buses travel quietly in their lanes while cyclists ride alongside in their own lanes. There are few cars because their access to the centre is restricted and smart working is good for traffic, especially during rush hours. The buildings produce energy with solar systems on their roofs and tenants can check in real time, how much power they’re consuming and how they could save even more energy. Citizens participate in choices about city development with the administration and are aware of how crucial their role is for the benefit of everyone.

This is how a smart city works: it uses the most innovative technologies to improve citizens' well-being and listens to and anticipates their needs while being aware of sustainability as well as environmental and economic factors. More than a static concept, the smart city is an approach to urban planning by means of development through the combination of the most innovative technologies with its people’s needs. This evolution never ceases.

This is how our cities are changing, this is what’s happening in Bolzano and other towns and how the world of research is accompanying this process.

You've got 90 seconds for Smart Cities!

Smart Cities Animation © Eurac Research | Fabio Dalvit

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