EU FESR FAIR - Development of tools and methods for the verification, monitoring and control of the VENTILATED Facades performance.

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The FAIR project aims to strengthen the diffusion of ventilated facades (transparent and opaque) through the development of validated calculation tools, guidelines, measurement methods and performance indicators capable of responding to the needs of designers and companies in the sector in accordance with regulations techniques and certification schemes. FAIR therefore has the ambition to bring the estimate performance of ventilated facades closer to the actual performance during the operation, through the development of innovative tools to support market players, from the design phase to installation and verification on site, up to continuous data acquisition for control and monitoring. This ambitious objective will be made possible by connecting the different phases through a process digitalization approach, in which information from models and measurements will be shared and used to optimize the outputs of each phase.

Three specific objectives will then be pursued:

Objective 1: Development of measurement methods for the characterization of ventilated facades

Measurement methodologies will be developed for the characterization of ventilated facades on different levels of detail: i) evaluation on facade prototypes in a controlled environment (laboratory), ii) evaluation of in-situ performance to verify functionality in the field and iii) continuous monitoring of the facade in connection with Digital-Twin.

Objective 2: Development of models for the characterization of ventilated facades

Calculation tools will be developed and validated for a complete design on different topics: simplified thermal and acoustic calculation models for a rapid and reliable preliminary analysis integrated in the glassAdvisor tool, CFD thermal models for more detailed analyzes on the fluid dynamics of the facade and FEM models for the structural analyzes in the WeStatiX cloud-based platform.

Objective 3: Digitalization and controls for ventilated facades

The project will combine measurement methodologies with computational tool models to develop digital facade twins, which will provide more precise information than individual sets of independent measurements. This information will be used for detailed monitoring of the façade system (e.g., verifying operation and reducing intervention times) as well as for its control, in order to guarantee high energy and comfort performance.

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