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Just Nature

Can some of the most pressing urban problems be solved with the help of nature?


A patch of green, a piece of justice. Through community gardens, people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods can also enjoy nature and all the associated benefits. The 103rd Street Community Garden in East Harlem, New York, was co-planned by the residents of the neighborhood and created with little money and a lot of volunteer work.

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Ty Cole
23 September 2021by Barbara Baumgartner

Green façades and roof gardens to cool concrete deserts, wetlands as water catchment basins, moss walls that bind fine dust, and more habitats for animals and plants everywhere. Cities around the world are responding to climate change and biodiversity loss with so-called nature-based solutions. A large European research project is developing ways to better exploit the potential with the ambitious goal of ensuring that the advantages primarily benefit the previously disadvantaged.

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