Fictional Science (FiSci) - promoting critical textual competence in dealing with Fake News

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The project "Fictional Science (FiSci) - promoting critical textual competence in dealing with Fake News" is developing a new approach to language teaching and learning with digital texts that develops students' “Krtische Textkompetenz” (critical text literacy) in multilingual learning environments, preparing them to evaluate media content and analyse texts critically.

Learners - especially in the digital context and in social media - are often confronted with texts whose truth content still needs to be clarified. The objectives of the FiSci project are therefore to promote “Kritische Textkompetenz” (critical textual literacy) among students and to provide them with "tools" to debunk fake news in texts.

In addition to the new didactic approach, the project will create freely available (1) teaching modules for secondary school students, (2) professionalisation modules for teachers and (3) Citizen Science educational offers. These will be disseminated across Europe and worldwide through a variety of multiplication tools and networks.

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