Legal Language Harmonisation System for Environment and Spatial Planning within the Multilingual Alps

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LexALP aims at supporting cross-border cooperation by creating innovative approaches for the harmonisation of legal terminology in several languages. The final goal is to support a clear and efficient communication across borders so as to contribute to a balanced and uniform development of the Alps.

LexALP has tested and developed ad-hoc methods and tools to compare 6 legal systems (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Slovenia) and more than one supranational system (EU legislation, International law and the specific regulatory frame of the Alpine Convention) in the field of spatial planning and sustainable development. The result of these in-depth analyses will be harmonised terminology collections in the four official languages of the Alpine Convention, namely French, German, Italian and Slovene. All tools and data are freely available online within the LexALP Information System.

Main publications:
Normazione, armonizzazione e pianificazione linguistica
Harmonising legal terminology

Harmonising legal terminology in four languages: the experience of the Alpine Convention
Chiocchetti E (2011)
Conference proceedings article

Conference: XVI International Conference of Euskaltzaindia “Pirinioetako hizkuntzak| lehena eta oraina" | Iruña/Pamplona : 6.10.2008 - 10.10.2008


Normazione, armonizzazione e pianificazione linguistica = Normierung, Harmonisierung und Sprachplanung = Normalisation, harmonisation et planification linguistique
Chiocchetti E, Voltmer L (2008)
Bolzano: Eurac Research
Edited book


Harmonising legal terminology
Chiocchetti E, Voltmer L (2008)
Bolzano: Eurac Research
Edited book

More information: http://lexalp.eurac.edu/information/harmonising_terminology_ ...


Criteri di armonizzazione della terminologia della Convenzione delle Alpi
Chiocchetti E (2008)
Contribution in book
Normazione, armonizzazione e pianificazione linguistica = Normierung, Harmonisierung und Sprachplanung = Normalisation, harmonisation et planification linguistique

More information: http://webfolder.eurac.edu/EURAC/LexALP_shared/media/Chiocch ...


LexALP – Harmonising Alpine Terminology
Chiocchetti E, Voltmer L (2008)
Contribution in book
Harmonising legal terminology

More information: http://webfolder.eurac.edu/EURAC/LexALP_shared/media/Chiocch ...


Multilingual Corpus for Terminology Work
Chiocchetti E, Lyding V (2006)
Bolzano/Bozen: EURAC
Conference proceedings article

Conference: Multilingualism across Europe| Findings, Needs, Best Practices | Bolzano : 24.8.2006 - 26.8.2006

More information: http://www.eurac.edu/en/research/autonomies/commul/publicati ...


The LexALP Information System: Term Bank and Corpus for Multilingual Legal Terminology Consolidated
Lyding V, Chiocchetti E, Sérasset G, Brunet-Manquat F (2006)
Stroudsburg, PA, USA: Association for Computational Linguistics
(MLRI '06)
Conference proceedings article

Conference: Workshop on Multilingual Language Resources and Interoperability | Sydney | 23.7.2006 - 23.7.2006

More information: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1613162.1613166


Multilingual legal terminology on the Jibiki platform: The LexALP project
Sérasset G, Brunet-Manquat F, Chiocchetti E (2006)
Sydney: Association for Computational Linguistics
Conference proceedings article

Conference: 21st International Conference on Computational Linguistics and 44th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics ( COLING/ACL 2006) | Sydney | 17.7.2006 - 21.7.2006

More information: https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?doid=1220175.1220293



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Italian Ministry for Environment – Direzione per la Ricerca Ambientale e lo Sviluppo

Sprachen und Dolmetscherinstitut

Swiss Central Language Services, Terminology Section

University J. Fourier Grenoble 1 - Laboratoire Communication Langagière et Interaction Personne ...

University Stendhal Grenoble 3 - Groupes de Recherche GREMUTS et LIDILEM

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