Rural Criticism

Rural Criticism - bookscapes and mountain stories

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    Internal funding EURAC (Project)
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The key objectives of this interdisciplinary researchl project at the interface of literary studies, economic and cultural geography are:

Raising the awareness for literature as a defining part of the cultural, intangible and literary heritage of mountain and rural areas.

Providing literary perspectives on the mountain and rural areas for stimulating and strengthening the public discourse on these areas. 

Contributing to added value chain creation and green growth through incentivising and valorising literary tourism.

Rural Criticism - Oder: Welche Erzählungen über das Drama des ländlichen Raums brauchen wir dringend? Ein Plädoyer
Piatti B, Streifeneder T (2021)
Contribution in book
Gutes Leben auf dem Land? Imaginationen und Projektionen vom 18. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart

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Matthew Picton's Urban Narratives. Or how a three-dimensional paper map can beam you into the London bombing nights of 1940
Streifeneder T, Piatti B (2021)
Journal article
International Journal of Cartography

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Vegane Prosa: Was engagierte Erzählungen über die Fleischindustrie bewirken können
Streifeneder T, Piatti B (2020)

More information: ...

Jean-Henri Fabre: Der Homer der Insekten
Streifeneder T (2020)

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