Energy Transition Southtyrol

Development of sustainable energy models for energy transition in Southtyrol

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The Institute supports the province of South Tyrol in the energy transition through the elaboration of specific studies, scenario development, data analysis, consultancy activities and planning of sustainable energy models and policies, economic and financial assessments of sustainable energy solutions at a local level

Over the years Eurac Research - Institute for Renewable Energy has elaborated and contributed to several studies concerning the energy transition of South Tyrol. The aim of the present homepage is to collect some of these studies in order to make them available on a single place for the interested users. The studies have very different background: Some are internal projects and first evaluations, elaborated in a relatively short time; others are the result of months of data collection and simulations in commissioned or multilateral projects. The methodologies used for the studies are in many cases transfarable to other geographic locations and have in part already been applied to other regions or countries. If you need to get more specific information please see the contacts list at the bottom of this page and get in touch with us.

Scientific Output

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Here below a selection of websites, tools, database and projects which collect important energy data and case studies of the South Tyrolean territory:

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Development of sustainable energy models for energy transition in Southtyrol


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