Regional Energy Modelling for the Piedmont Region

The Region of Piedmont commissioned Eurac Research to carry out a study of its energy system and transition scenarios.

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The main objective of the study is to understand how the Piedmontese regional energy system can contribute to the achievement of the most recent European objectives, such as the RePowerEU and Fit-for-55 - legislation that envisages 1.5% average annual energy savings from now until 2030 - by analysing the feasibility and adaptability of the various technological options.

In particular, Eurac Research intends to reach this goal through the use of a series of methodologies already tested within several projects, such as the development of decarbonisation scenarios of some Austrian regions and a series of European projects aimed at identifying, analysing and mapping renewable resources to meet the energy needs of an area efficiently.

The analysis will focus on the definition of at least three medium- to long-term transition scenarios for energy efficiency and renewable energy development that will support regional energy-environmental planning activities. These scenarios will illustrate the possible evolutions of the regional energy system on the basis of the different technological options implemented in the different sectors (energy production, transport, energy efficiency of buildings), as well as with respect to the various constraints, location addresses and energy and environmental opportunities specific to the Piedmont region. All scenarios must have climate neutrality by 2050 as their ultimate goal.

The researchers will obviously take into account the energy impact of these elaborations by calculating the CO2 emissions linked to these scenarios and applying, where possible, a territorialised energy analysis, i.e. one that considers the territorial characteristics of the case study. They will also carry out environmental analyses related to the peculiarities of the individual scenarios elaborated that can be used for the Strategic Environmental Assessment procedure that may be launched in the event of a future update of the Regional Environmental Energy Plan.

In addition to this, there is also an economic analysis with an assessment of the spin-offs associated with the proposed scenarios, taking into account the public incentive system and the necessary public and private investments.

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2023Regional Energy Modelling for the Piedmont Region

The Region of Piedmont commissioned Eurac Research to carry out a study of its energy system and transition scenarios.

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