Roberto Lollini

Roberto Lollini

Roberto Lollini

Research Group Leader
Institute for Renewable Energy

T +39 0471 055 615


I am coordinating the research group "Energy Efficient Buildings - EEB". My skills are related to building physics and technologies, building management strategies, performance assessment, as well as evaluation the building real estate value, also considering the benefits of high quality and health indoor environment as well as low social and environmental impact.

The EEB group overall goal is to support the building stock transformation towards climate-neutrality by 2050, developing measures enabling 100% of buildings to be energy efficient, that means: affordable , comfortable and healthy, beautiful and functional, resilient and flexible, with the smallest need of non-RES and a tangible value in the real estate market.

The EEB research group approach is driven by:

  • People centric and users’ perception (wellbeing)
  • Effective building/user interaction (personal control)
  • Climate, social and cultural tailored (context-based)
  • Robust and cost-effective solutions (comprehensive performance)
  • Integration with local infrastructures (building as energy partner)
  • Building stock analysis (transformation scenarios)


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