Lukas Egarter Vigl

Lukas Egarter Vigl

Lukas Egarter Vigl

Senior Researcher
Institute for Alpine Environment

T 303 550 1740 93+


I am a landscape ecologist and in my research I explore why, where and how ecosystems and landscapes change in response to changes in management and climate, and what this means for ecosystem health and human well-being. I answer these questions mainly using spatial modelling approaches operating at mutlitple scales, spanning from the plot to the landscape level. My work is highly interdisciplinary and science-policy oriented and mainly focused on mountain environments.

Reserach interests:

  • landscape dynamics and climate change in agro-ecosystems
  • interactions between spatial pattern and proesses
  • science-practice-policy interface (Nature-base solutions)


1 - 9


Klimasmarte Landwirtschaft

Duration: - Funding:
Provincial Fusion Grant (Province BZ funding / Project)

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