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  • Project duration: August 2016 - September 2019
  • Project status: finished

TALES@Home addresses non-formal language learning in the multilingual families concentrating on their motivations and beliefs about language. By means of an interactive App, the project aims to empower families to manage their language use at home and to create a positive and stimulating language learning environment.

Multilingualism in South Tyrol: between old fears and new challenges
Vettori C, Colombo S, Abel A (2021)
Journal article
Zeitschrift für Interkulturellen Fremdsprachenunterricht

More information: https://ojs.tujournals.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de/index.php/zif/art ...


Identity in social context: Plurilingual families in Baden-Wuerttemberg and South Tyrol
Colombo S, Ritter A, Stopfner M (2020)
Journal article
Zeitschrift für Interkulturellen Fremdsprachenunterricht

More information: https://tujournals.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de/index.php/zif/article ...


Tales@home: mehrsprachige famiglie in App
Colombo S (2019)

Conference: The Big Picture| Repertori Linguistici – Mehrsprachigkeit mal anders | Bolzano/Bozen : 16.5.2019 - 17.5.2019


The Construction of Identity of Plurilingual Families in a Historically Multilingual Region
Colombo S, Stopfner M (2019)

Conference: Congresso AItLA 2019 | Cagliari | 21.2.2019 - 23.2.2019


Empowering families: Introducing an app for talking about languages and emotions at home
Engel D, Colombo S, Stopfner M, de Smedt H (2018)

Conference: ELE 2018 | Stockholm | 18.6.2018 - 20.6.2018

TALES@Home Summary of Research: Professionals
Colombo S, Stopfner M (2018)

Conference: Talking About Language and Emotions at Home| Empowering Multilingual Families | Brussels : 8.5.2018 - 9.5.2018

Language policy of plurilingual families in South Tyrol and the question of identity
Colombo S, Stopfner M (2018)

Conference: 4th LRI Workshop for young academics "Language Policy - Language Use - Language Standard" | Meran | 7.6.2018 - 8.6.2018

Alte und neue Formen der Mehrsprachigkeit in Südtirol
Colombo S, Stopfner M (2018)
Contribution in book
Formen der Mehrsprachigkeit: Sprachen und Varietäten in sekundären und tertiären Bildungskontexten


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