CC Adaptation in the Carpathians

Outlook on climate change adaptation in the Carpathian Mountains

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The “Outlook on climate change adaptation in the Carpathian Mountains” has analyzed any available national and sectoral policy or strategy, addressing the most pressing climate change related risks for the Carpathian Mountains. Therein the National Adaptation Strategies are the main policies for climate change adaptation. Furthermore, there are policies or strategies in force that integrate measures for climate change adaptation within the sectors of: water, agriculture, forestry, biodiversity and tourism. Although the already realized adaptation measures generate positive societal and socioeconomic effects, there are still gaps to cope with concerning the proposed impacts key hazards due to climate change. Policies have to be developed to prepare the adaptation to future changes. As the current policies are in general more suited to cope just with the currently existing conditions, they are often not appropriate to cope with the proposed consequences and impacts due to climate change. Concerning the EU-member states of the Carpathians, the progress of adaptation is similar, due to the European harmonization of laws and common European guidelines. This situation varies in the Ukraine and the EU applicant Serbia, where low financial capacities for adaptation measures reflects the current reality.

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