PACS - Diversity at work in South Tyrol. Diversity Management measures in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano

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Diversity management in the workplace is recognized as a central element for economic innovation, the well-being of workers, and for enhancing and attracting new skills.

In light of the importance of labour insertion for the processes of integration and social inclusion of foreign citizens, the project aims to examine diversity management practices in the workplace in the province of Bozen-Bolzano in order to understand the factors that influence the adoption of measures aimed at this target group. The main focus of the project is therefore on measures aimed at foreign nationals, which are however analysed in the broader framework of actions aimed at the diversity of all workers. Previous initiatives have indeed highlighted the relevance of Diversity Management in the province, in light of the needs of the local labour market. However, a systematic mapping of these practices and the factors influencing them is lacking. This project aims to contribute to filling this gap.

The project is funded by the Provincial Coordination for Integration of the Province of Bozen-Bolzano and intends to define the conceptual and methodological basis for the subsequent systematic mapping of Diversity Management in the territory of the province. To this end, the final report will formulate a conceptual and methodological framework for the exploration of Diversity Management in the local area.

Diversity management in South Tyrol
Bona M, Mitterhofer J, Wisthaler V (2023)

Conference: Diversity Management in South Tyrol | Bozen/Bolzano | 1.2.2023 - 1.2.2023

La Diversità paga: il Diversity Management nella Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano
Bona M, Mitterhofer J, Wisthaler V (2023)
Bolzano: Eurac Research, Provincia autonoma di Bolzano-Alto Adige


Vielfalt zahlt sich aus: Diversity Management in Südtirol
Bona M, Mitterhofer J, Wisthaler V (2023)
Bozen: Eurac Research, Autonome Provinz Bozen-Südtirol
La Diversità paga. Il Diversity Management in Provincia di Bolzano
Bona M (2023)

Conference: Impulstagung "Von Babyboomer bis Generation Alpha" | Bolzano/Bozen | 21.11.2023 - 21.11.2023

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