IT FG-INEWA - Entwicklung optimierter Regelstrategien für ein Doppelquellen-Wärmepumpensystem

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The project focuses on the control of double source (aerothermal and geothermal) heat pumps, and in particular on the development of smart control logics to be implemented in thermal systems that use such units to cover thermal loads in residential buildings.

Following a characterization of the machine proposed on the market by INEWA, a numerical model will be developed with the aim of developing the control algorithms of a typical thermal plant that uses this unit. The algorithms will use artificial intelligence techniques to select which source shall be uses, based on monitored weather conditions and calculated thermal loads. Once developed in a simulated environment, the control will be validated EURAC's laboratories.

Eurac e Inewa studiano le pompe di calore intelligenti del futuro
Ginestous A, [Antelmi M] (2022)
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