EU H2020 LocalRES - Stärkung der lokalen Gemeinschaften für erneuerbare Energien für die Dekarbonisierung der Energiesysteme

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  • Project duration: -
  • Project status: ongoing
  • Funding:
    Societal Challenge (Horizon 2020 /EU funding /Project)
  • Total project budget: 7.194.071,43 €
  • Institute: Institut für Erneuerbare Energie

LocalRES will deploy innovative local energy systems driven by renewable energy communities for a socially fair energy transformation that puts renewable energy into the hands of communities and people. LocalRES will deliver new digital tools that will boost the expected structural change in the current energy system at different levels. The main objective of the project is to demonstrate innovative local energy systems in a sector coupling approach, which will be able to interconnect and optimise the joint operation of different energy vectors (electricity, heating, mobility, etc.) by maximising the RES contribution and enhancing the energy system flexibility and supply security.

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