IEA-DHC MEMPHIS 2.0: Komplexe Algorithmen zur räumlichen Identifikation, Bewertung der zeitlichen Verfügbarkeit und wirtschaftlichen Bewertung von Abwärmequellen.

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The integration of waste heat into district heating networks (DHNs) is a key measure towards decarbonization of the energy system; DHNs can act as a buffer between supply and demand as well as thermal buses. However, one challenge is the extensive identification and evaluation of available waste heat sources on local scale, including waste heat from industry, service sectors, and sewage systems.

The “MEMPHIS 2.0” project builds upon previous research from the project partners and other researchers in the DH sector as well as upon “MEMPHIS” project and focuses on the potential and feasibility of supplying urban areas with low-grade waste heat. MEMPHIS 2.0 will further develop the existing "Waste Heat Explorer" (WHE) developed in "MEMPHIS" by two aspects:

  1. Applying the previously developed methodology on further IEA-DHC member states;
  2. Addressing missing information about the techno-economic potential by implementing technical design of the waste heat recovery systems, their economic assessments and thus strengthening the pluralistic waste heat utilisation.

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