EU FESR V2G-BOOST: Entwicklung und Ausweitung der Vehicle-to-G-Entkarbonisierungsoption für fortschrittliche Energieinnovationen in Südtirol

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Development of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology for transport decarbonization in South Tyrol

The V2G-BOOST project aims to develop and expand the application of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology in South Tyrol, which allows electric vehicles to store and feed electricity back to the grid, promoting the decarbonization of the transport sector and providing grid flexibility services.

Main contents:

  • Objectives: design and testing of a bidirectional V2G charging station; development of an app to manage energy flows; analysis of business models to leverage the distributed battery storage potential; modelling to assess economic and environmental impacts of V2G at district, city and regional level.
  • Methodology: the project will involve the development of enabling V2G technology (hardware and software), lab and field testing, modelling and techno-economic analysis through dedicated energy systems models, and dissemination activities to promote V2G adoption among relevant stakeholders (companies, policy makers, end users).
  • Expected results: an efficient and safe V2G charging station; an app to optimize bidirectional energy flows; models to support decision-making on V2G implementation; increased awareness and adoption of V2G among stakeholders, contributing to transport decarbonization.
  • Impacts: technical-scientific progress in electric mobility and smart energy systems; creation of new business and job opportunities; environmental benefits through higher integration of electric vehicles and power grid; support to local and global sustainability goals achievement.

​​​​​​​Conclusions: The V2G-BOOST project will foster technological innovation, develop expertise, and facilitate the roll-out of a key decarbonization technology like V2G. Its results could be scaled up and replicated, contributing not only to South Tyrol’s but also to other contexts' energy transition.

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