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A conflict is usually a struggle between two opposite forces. The word “conflict” is defined as “incompatibility between opinions and principles – a situation that arises because differences in perception, attitude and when the behaviour of one is unacceptability disadvantageous to the other”.

This kind of definition may be applied to both Human-Human and to Human-Nature conflicts (HNC). HNC arise either when the human expansion gets in contact with the natural environment and with its inhabitants (due to road building, tree cutting, hunting, habitat transformation, large forest degradation, rapid infrastructure development etc.) and/or when nature “invades” human spaces in the form of flooding, rock falls, wildlife “attacks”, or other natural catastrophes. The issue of "conflicts" between humans and between humans and nature is a growing problem, which, in the Alps, has been reinforced by the reintroduction and by the natural return of large carnivore species (Bear, Lynx and Wolf). 

The hereby proposed project aims at definiyng the most urgent conflicts currently going on in the Alps and in some key areas (Protected Areas and Pilot Regions of the Alpine Convention) and to identify potential solutions and opportunities with local actors in dedicated workshops. 

The project also wants to contribute to the raising of enviornmental awareness among young generations through meetings in high school in key areas and by producing a short movie on the conflict issue in the Alps.

The final aim is the elaboration of a "coexistence and conflict resolution toolkit" to be shared with administrators and stakeholders in order to contribute to the positive coexistence between humans and nature.

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