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"Knowing the facts does not necessarily lead to a change in behavior"

Conversations between disciplines: interview with Eurac Resarch President Roland Psenner and renewable energy expert Wolfram Sparber.

29 September 2022by Barbara Baumgartner, Sigrid Hechensteiner

Eurac Research President Roland Psenner fears that when it comes to the power of facts, science sometimes deludes itself: The feeling of being among the losers can make people rebel even against indisputably correct measures, whether they concern the corona crisis or climate change. Wolfram Sparber, an expert on renewable energy, also sees a lack of social acceptance as the biggest brake on the energy transition. Both are convinced that affluent regions should set a good example in climate protection, but all too often the attitude of "Not in my backyard!” prevails in South Tyrol.

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