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Mission and strategic goals

​Mission, vision & values


Our mission is to foster biomedical research in the region and through this promote a change in healthcare that will lead to improvements in the overall health of the population.


Our vision is that in the long term the Center for Biomedicine will become a state of the art biomedical research facility that also acts as a health forum bringing together researchers, clinicians, policy makers, industrial partners and the public, in a unique synergy that will lead to innovative ways to improve population health.


Our endeavor is to produce results that are meaningful to our stakeholders. In pursuing our mission, the fundamental principles and standards that will consistently shape our thinking and approach in everything we do are:

  • Commitment to a culture of candor, communication, cooperation and achievement
  • Determination to produce knowledge that can be translated and applied, and by such bring research to the core of the healthcare service
  • Consideration and respect for our stakeholders, those who both represent the purpose of our work and enable us to do it.​

Strategic goals

We will focus on three strategic goals in order to achieve our vision and execute our mission over the next five years. We will do this by:

Building Resources

Our first goal is to consolidate the CHRIS study and to establish a complementary clinical research unit at Bolzano hospital. That will ensure a long-term biomedical research resource and provide the basis for our epidemiological, clinical and molecular studies.

Generating Knowledge

Our second goal is to set up infrastructure and to develop knowledge in key biomedical research technologies such as the development of cell models, biological imaging, next generation sequencing and mass-spectrometry. This will allow us to investigate the molecular basis of health and disease including molecular determinants, biomarkers and mechanisms.   

Impacting Healthcare

Our third goal is to impact healthcare by translating our research knowledge into clinical applications and by building more research capacity in South Tyrolean hospitals and primary care practices. That will make us a strategic partner for our stakeholders in healthcare.  


We believe that our three strategic goals align perfectly with the biomedical research cycle which represents our research philosophy: research beginning with people, and following a range of clinical, molecular and translational approaches, ending with real heal​th benefits for the people.​

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