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"Shaping the future must be a social movement."

An interview with Roland Benedikter, holder of the UNESCO Chair in "Interdisciplinary Anticipation and Global-Local Transformation" at Eurac Research.

24 October 2022by Barbara Baumgartner, Sigrid Hechensteiner

Thinking of the future in personal terms has limits. As communities, we could imagine many more futures and thus, be more inclined to shape them. Through "futures education," UNESCO plans to advance anticipating and forming futures as a cooperative endeavor. We spoke with Roland Benedikter - the newly established UNESCO Chair in "Interdisciplinary Anticipation and Global-Local Transformation" at the Center for Advanced Studies of Eurac Research. Here he explains why we must consider the future as a skill - and how the will to participate should be encouraged to germinate in South Tyrol.

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