Political communication and vaccination rates: Covid-19 insights from the US

07 September 2021
Covid 19 business closure in Seattle Washington - © Nick Bolton/Unsplash Nick Bolton/Unsplash

During my studies in Bologna, Italy this school year, Covid-19 was an inescapable presence and topic of conversation. Depending on case levels, we were in and out of lockdowns, as in much of Europe. When vaccines started getting approved and the rollout slowly began, we watched with envy as our friends in the United States started getting vaccinated and returning to a semi-normal life as our weeks in the zona rossa stretched on.

Aspen Brooks

Aspen Brooks is a dual degree Master’s candidate at University of London SOAS (MSc in Politics of Conflict, Rights, & Justice) and Johns Hopkins University SAIS Europe (MA in International Affairs). She holds a BA in International Relations and Spanish from Linfield University. Her research interests include human rights, transitional justice, language, and education. When she’s not working as a research assistant for the Institute for Comparative Federalism at Eurac Research, you can find her working at a local winery in Seattle, embroidering, or reading!


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Brooks, A. Political communication and vaccination rates: Covid-19 insights from the US.

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