The backsliding of the rule of law in Europe: diving into a paradox

15 October 2020
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The concept of rule of law frequently makes its appearance in the EU political scene: in many institutional documents, Treaties, political discourse and even in newspapers. Nonetheless, most of the time it remains obscure and undefined, which makes it difficult for people to understand. Thus, the rule of law tends to only be associated with the EU’s political jargon and not to something relatable to European citizens’ everyday lives.

Lidia Bonifati - Lo Spiegone

Lidia Bonifati is currently a PhD researcher in Law at the University of Bologna and the University of Antwerp. Her research interests include constitutional design for divided societies, minority rights, federalism and asymmetries in comparative constitutional law. She is also Secretary of the online newspaper Lo Spiegone, and a contributor for the “Europe” section. She left her heart in Bosnia, while walking down the stone-streets of Sarajevo.


Bonifati, L. The backsliding of the rule of law in Europe: diving into a paradox.

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