EU LIFE - LIFE4HeatRecovery - Low Temperature, Urban Waste Heat into District Heating and Cooling Networks as a Clean Source of Thermal Energy

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  • Project duration: June 2018 - June 2023
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  • Funding:
    2014 - 2020 (Life+ /EU funding /Project)
  • Total project budget: €5,428,665.08
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EU LIFE - LIFE4HeatRecovery - Low Temperature, Urban Waste Heat into District Heating and Cooling Networks as a Clean Source of Thermal Energy. LIFE4HeatRecovery will demonstrate a new generation of highly efficient district heating networks. New generation DH networks operated at very low temperatures can directly recover heat rejected by chillers (at around 30 to 40°C, e.g. from air-conditioners, supermarkets’ refrigeration and industrial processes), using rejected heat to cover heating needs in other buildings. However, a large number of high temperature 3rd generation DH network exists, which normally can recover thermal energy only from high temperature industrial processes. In these cases, high-temperature water-to-water heat pumps are needed to rise the temperature of the heat rejected to the network’s levels. With LIFE4HeatRecovery, customers assume both the role of energy consumers and producers. Trading schemes will be elaborated having the energy users as a focal point, trying to gather social acceptance and triggering the wide adoption of the solutions. LIFE4HeatRecovery activities will also be focused on the development of innovative financing mechanisms based on public-private collaboration, contributing to the uptake and large-scale replication of reliable business cases.

Modelling of an Existing Neutral Temperature District Heating Network: Detailed and Approximate Approaches
Calixto S, Cozzini M, Manzolini G (2021)
Journal article

More information:

Performance measurement and detailed modelling of an existing neutral-temperature DH network based on decentralized HPs
Cozzini M, Köseoğlu C (2021)

Conference: 7th International Conference Smart Energy Systems 2021 | | 21.9.2021 - 22.9.2021

Monitoring and aggregate modelling of an existing neutral temperature district heating network
Calixto S, Köseoğlu C, Cozzini M, Manzolini G (2021)
Elsevier BV
Journal article
Energy Reports

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Reti di teleriscaldamento e teleraffrescamento basate su pompe di calore decentralizzate e recupero di calore a bassa temperatura
Cozzini M, Calixto S, Buffa S, Fedrizzi R (2020)
Journal article
Aicarr Journal
Life4HeatRecovery: Putting waste heat to work
Editorial office of Projects (2019)

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Teleriscaldamento e teleraffrescamento a bassa temperatura
Autori vari, Institute for Renewable Energy (2018)
Journal article
Servizi a Rete

District Heating and Cooling Networks Based on Decentralized Heat Pumps: Energy Efficiency and Reversibility at Affordable Costs
Cozzini M, D'Antoni M, Buffa S, Fedrizzi R, Bava F (2018)
Journal article
HPT Magazine

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