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EDIS - Pedagogical Tools on Diversity, Anti-discrimination and Minorities

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Pedagogical Tools on Diversity, Anti-Discrimination and Minorities

In order to combat discrimination, racism, xenophobia and to address the difficulties and benefits of diversity, awareness work is of paramount importance. For this reason, the Institute for Minority Rights has developed a set of pedagogical tools on diversity, anti-discrimination and minorities aimed at young people, children, adults, teachers and educational operators. Learning in an active, playful and creative way allows participants to get in touch with anti-discrimination and diversity issues in a playful and interactive way and, at the same time, promotes social, personal and relational skills.


Board Game “The House of Common Values”

The Board game “The House of Common Values” allows to explore through dialogue the Common Values, as indicated in Art. 2, EU Treaty (Freedom - Democracy - Equality - Rule of law - Human rights - Minority rights - Human dignity - Pluralism - Non-discrimination - Tolerance - Justice - Solidarity - Gender equality). This pedagogical tool is available in Italian, German and English and in the digital version as well at our YouTube link. The game “The House of Common Values” was developed within the EUMINT Project. It is a tool to teach civic education, especially for school teachers.

Links to the game material: 'The House of Common Values' 

YouTube Link of EUMINT:

Role-play "Space Migrants"

"Space migrants" is a role-play for youth, schools and youth organisations. Simulating a conflictual situation between different teams, stereotypes and prejudices emerge in Space Migrants, as well as conflicting feelings and emotions affecting inter-group relations. In the experiential activity, young participants can observe the mechanisms behind discriminations in a “protected space”. The role-play provides a practical and joyful approach to discuss relevant topics as discriminations, racism, xenophobia, while deepening cultural diversity and its advantages. The role-play is available in German and Italian. Space migrants was developed within the MigrAlp project.

Handbook Space Migrants (DE) 

Handbook Space Migrants (IT)

Link to audio material (DE / IT)

Play and educational toolkit: "Diversity4Kids"

The play and educational toolkit “Diversity4Kids” allows to explore the intercultural dialogue with the younger ones. The principles of tolerance, cohabitation and diversity can be learnt while growing up: a suitable language can be found for every age-span. The tools developed for minors from 8 to 14 years old involve in fact role-playing, theatre improvisation, biographic laboratory and specific narrative methods. Stories, creative-writing laboratories and theatre labs are available in the German and Italian languages.

Toolkit ENG

E-learning Platform for teachers and social workers and facilitators working in with interculturality Teach-D:

The Teach-D Platform (Teaching in Diversity) aims at supporting teachers, social workers and the school staff to teach diversity and interculturality. The online platform provides six interactive trainings: managing diversity at school, minority rights in education, non-discrimination and equality, religious diversity, linguistic diversity, hate speech. The Handbook on Teaching in Diversity – A practical guide, including tools and resources, on how to teach diversity, how to teach in diversity and how to manage diversity” can be freely downloaded in English, Italian, German, Romanian, Polish and Bulgarian. The training material is available in the English language.

Common Values for a New Vision of Europe: Utopia or Dystopia?
Medda-Windischer R, Carlà A (2021)

Conference: CES 27th International Conference of Europeanists | online | 21.6.2021 - 25.6.2021

Playing with values: the Board Game ´The House of Common Values`
Medda-Windischer R, Pirhofer AK (2021)

Building Social Cohesion on Common Values. Migration and Diversity through the Experience of a Cross-border Project (EUMINT)
Medda-Windischer R (2021)

Conference: “Post-covid-19 socio-economic recovery strategies| Urban and territorial development for social cohesion, organised by the European Union Program for Social Cohesion in Latin America, EUROsociAL +, UN HABITAT | : 26.5.2021 - 27.5.2021

Civic Integration for Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Building on Common Values
Medda-Windischer R, Carlá A (2021)

Conference: 18th IMISCOE Annual Conference - Crossing borders, connecting cultures | Luxembourg | 7.7.2021 - 9.7.2021

Civic Integration: Building on Common Values
Medda-Windischer R (2020)

Conference: EUMINT Final Conference (Webinar) | Bolzano | 21.10.2020 - 21.10.2020

Common Values, 13 video clips on European common values
Medda-Windischer R, Grotta D, Pirhofer A, Tartarotti M, Maziwisa M, Wolffe R, Zeqo E, Maniscalco G, Carlà A, Gabor A (2020)

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Common values and the role of religion in modern societies
Wonisch K, Medda-Windischer R (2019)

Conference: EUMINT Project| Runder Tisch “Gemeinsame Werte und ihre Vermittlung in den modernen Gesellschaften“ | Bozen : 13.6.2019 - 13.6.2019

Common values and integration: the EUMINT project
Medda-Windischer R (2019)

Conference: Fiera dei progetti EU. L´Europa sei tu, Castel Mareccio, Bolzano, 24-25 settembre 2019 | Bolzano | 24.9.2019 - 25.9.2019

Common values and religion
Medda-Windischer R, Wonisch K (2019)

Conference: I valori comuni e la loro trasmissione nella società contemporanea | Bolzano | 17.6.2019 - 17.6.2019

Erasmus + “Teaching Diversity” (Teach-D): face-to-face training
Jimenez M (2018)
Diversity for Kids (DxK) and the RegioStar Award 2016
Medda-Windischer R (2016)
Diversity4Kids: Theaterspiele, Biographiearbeit und Geschichten zum Thema Vielfalt ; Unterrichtsmaterial mit Audio-CD
Brugger A, Nindl M, Medda-Windischer R, Röggla M, Oberkofler B, Vettori E, Bruni S (2014)
Bozen: EURAC research [u.a.]
Edited book

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Diversity4Kids: laboratori teatrali, laboratori biografici e storie sulla diversità ; materiali didattici con audio-CD
Brugger A, Nindl M, Medda-Windischer R, Röggla M, Oberkofler B, Vettori E, Bruni S (2014)
Bozen: EURAC research [u.a.]
Edited book

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