Arianna Bienati

Arianna Bienati

Arianna Bienati

Junior Researcher
Institut für Angewandte Sprachforschung

T 222 550 1740 93+


I am a sociolinguist of writing: I study how the written language varies according to some external parameters, such as context and people’s status.

The guiding thread of my research has always been the analysis of students’ texts, both in the formal and in the informal, computer-mediated settings. At Eurac, I am currently analyzing academic essays, in terms of their coherence and cohesion.

I enjoy using statistics and corpus methods in my work, in dialogue with more qualitative ones, because their combination permits to see the data under different perspectives.

I am an advocate of democratic education and, as such, I strive to make my research have an impact on teaching and assessment practices.

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