Gender Dynamics

Gender, and the dynamics it creates and involves, impact our daily life and how we conceive society and carry out research. Gender equality forms a necessary basis for a peaceful and prosperous society, and for inclusive policy-making processes.

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Gender issues are an area of great societal relevance involving a variety of perspectives, as underlined by the SDGS, the UNESCO 2022-2029 strategy, and the intersectional perspective of the EU Gender Equality Strategy, which flags the inclusion of the gender dimension as a requirement for all its funding lines.

In this frame, Gender Dynamics acts as a network among the Eurac Research scientists and staff who conduct research on gender-related issues aimed at exchanging knowledge and ideas and making proposals for joint research projects and initiatives. The network also acts in cooperation with local and international actors.

The spectrum of topics that are currently tackled by the Gender Dynamics members cover several interdisciplinary perspectives and societal challenges: inclusive and gender-fair language, gender equality and non-discrimination at the level of both legal and social movements, intersectionality, gender-based violence, gender and family or other types of care, political participation of women, LGBTQIA+ rights, gender and radicalization, anti-gendered backlashes, masculinities, health and gender including the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on gender issues, gender and technology, and gendered aspects of climate change and the mitigation of its impacts.

Moreover, Gender Dynamics supplies existing and new insights on gender-related issues to support a societal change towards equality and inclusiveness.

We pursue the following objectives:

  • Advancing research on gender-related issues in South Tyrol and beyond;
  • Increasing the visibility of local, national and international gender-related research and enhancing their dissemination throughout the region;
  • Counseling on gender dimension in research across disciplines at Eurac Research and at local, national and international levels;
  • Supporting local, national and international networks with existing scientific and public bodies who are dealing with gender-related and intersectional issues.
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