Johanna Mitterhofer

Johanna Mitterhofer

Johanna Mitterhofer

Istituto sui diritti delle minoranze

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Main research interests:

  • Border studies
  • Second Generation Youth
  • Heritage Politics
  • Critical Whiteness Studies
  • Actor-Centred and participatory approaches

Johanna Mitterhofer is a researcher at the Research Groups “Autonomies, Boundaries and Identities”  and “Political Actors in Societal Conflict” at the Institute for Minority Rights, Eurac Research. She holds a BA and MA in anthropology from the University of Cambridge and Durham University (UK) and was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA). Her research explores the challenges and opportunities of life in diverse societies.  She is also interested in heritage politics, minority rights and border studies.

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